Coaching startups

New ventures are exciting and full of promise, hope and energy. They need to be driven by the leader and the leaders vision and passion. It can be difficult for the leader to remain true to their original intent and become responsive to fear, or other unconscious drivers which end up shifting the culture.
The pressure on the leaders within startup companies or new enterprises to succeed while remaining true to their vision is extremely intense. Many do not and the system takes on unwanted and unhelpful ways of being. My role in a start up is enabling the leader to remian true to their vision while also being able to adapt and respond to demands of the markets, staff and pressure.

"Great leaders may be born, but leadership is a myriad of skills that need to be learnt, and they are best learnt on the job. If there is no willingness to grow and learn progression will be stifled. We are talking about setting new revolutionary standards for great leadership we are talking about evolution"

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