Who, where, why


I work with leaders. Specifically leaders who are looking for growth and understand that the external development of a company is inextricably linked with the growth and expansion of its leader. The more the leader evolves the further the company will evolve. Leading any business can be an isolating experience and having a coach is often necessary for unbiased exploration. I work with leaders across all sectors including media, film, financial, private sector health care, advertising and the charity sector.


My client list is both UK based and international. If we are the right fit then we make it work. Generally, I like to visit your place of work at least once, this allows me an insight into your daily life and the atmosphere you work within. However, circumstances are different and arrangements can be fluid. The comfort of my clients is of the upmost importance.


There does not always need to be a specific reason that somebody seeks leadership coaching. It could just be the need to have somebody close by that understands you fully or to have someone that can keep you aligned to your motives, long term goals and aspirations. Perhaps there is an area or several areas of development that need addressing and coaching is ideal for this. The reasons for having coaching can be broad; from needing to improve interpersonal skills, organisational skills, emotional intelligence at work, long term strategising, to personal development and the evolution of the self. All of these serve long term professional excellence and growth and the work that we do together is work that makes a deep and profound shift in the way you work and the way you live for the long term.

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