Way of working

The way that I work is by offering is a bespoke leadership coaching relationship that adapts to the individual client. As a psychotherapist and believer that to get the best out of our selves we need to be embodied. I work with depth, Emotional Intelligence and Body Intelligence. To get the most out of today we need to understand what from our past restricts and controls us. Therefore for those that are looking for more than the traditional leadership or executive coaching model I offer a model that is unique. The goal being 'authentic leadership' and leaving no stone left unturned.

I trained in Psychosynthesis leadership caching at the Institute of psychosynthesis Psychosythesis is a model which addresses the whole person. It enables the past to be drawn upon while also allowing room for the potential to fully emerge in the present. This ensures that we are able to achieve current objectives while also creating space for potent change.

My executive and leadership coaching is an absolutely bespoke service, I have the skills and tools necessary to adapt to the client in front of me. This means having no set agenda. Every person I have worked with is completely unique. So while I have an extensive tool kit I will only use what is necessary at the right time!

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