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I am an integrative transpersonal psychotherapist with a focus on embodiment.


Who I work with and why?

I work with people from all backgrounds and with the whole spectrum of life's pains and struggles. Sometimes it...


Qualifications & training

Masters of Arts (MA) psychotherapy.. .


Specialist areas



Leadership Coaching

I work with people to help them see outside the constraints of the current systems in which they work and live and to see a more...


Embodiment in leadership

Bringing the body into leadership. Being able to hone a brand new set of skills which enable us to connect into wisdom, connection, authenticity and expand our field of awareness.


The parts of you

This course is designed to touch into what makes us us. It uses the Jungian map of the psyche and  archetypes, dream analysis and shadow work to enable a deeper relationship with your unconscious.


Embodiment Coaching

Learn how to come back to your body. This four part course demonstrates and explains how we can start to practice being in our bodies and listening to its wonderful wisdom


Supervision and other services

Supervision for coaches

I am available as a supervisor for other coaches looking to deepen their work...


Transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling supervision

I am a transpersonal supervisior for psychotherapists and counsellors..


Workshops, courses, events and micro learning



Press & Media

A mental health expert I have been featured in the press and media on the following topics...



Conscious connected breathwork

After years of being on my own inner journey and practicing as a psychotherapist and as my work continued to deepen, my journey into the bodymind became at the forefront of my practice. Deepening practices in trauma integration meant somatic work, bioenergetics, yoga, dance, intuitive movement and a few years ago culminated in a dedicated practice in conscious connected breathwork. This style of breath has its roots in pic Grof's holotropic breath, Re-birthing breathwork, Transformational breathwork, and more modern variations which include more trauma informed practices ... essentially there are lots of names and styles but with the breath style being a dynamic and powerful full bodied inhale and a surrendering exhale.

This breath enables us to integrate unprocessed memories and experiences, feel repressed feelings, connect to our bodies in a way that we may never have done before. It relieves stress and tension, strengthens our nervous system along with other health benefits.

For me, this breath gets to the places talking alone cannot, it gets to the parts that the mind avoids, it bypasses our ego and allows us to freely explore our psyche and soma. I offer this breathwork in groups in London, Brighton and Tunbridge Wells and as part of psychotherapy treatment.

Breath groups coming up

9th December Notting Hill, London
16th December, Tunbridge Wells
Winter solstice breathe on the 21st December at 7am .. Tunbridge Wells
7th January 9-5 full day breathe therapy
13th January Tunbridge Wells
14th January, London Bridge 2pm