Introduction coaching

My style of leadership coaching is in-depth and progressive. The people I work with are looking to make an impact on the way we view leadership and business. They want to expand and develop away from the traditional way of doing things and make real change. They want to use more of themselves and enable those working for them to do the same, enabling true collaboration, excellence, growth and expansion.
I work with people to help them see outside the constraints of the current systems in which they work and live and to see a more expansive vision of their world. I use my  psychological training to enable true development and growth both personally and professionally.
As a leader it is imperative to understand limitations and develop systems to accommodate them, this ensures that the impact on the company is minimised. Understanding blind spots and being able to draw them out and work with them is the sign of a strong and progressive leader, but it is hard to find them by oneself. My style of coaching is designed to leave clients with a better sense of integrated wholeness and the ability to work with all aspects of themselves. The company is left to flourish under a more authentic and inspirational leader.

"Debora has a unique talent for coaching, she sees you all and enables you to become all that you may be"

Lily Lapenna Huda MBE (charity sector CEO and entrepreneur)

"Deborah's authentic, fully attentive presence supported me to reach and transform a long standing painful issue which was preventing me living fully. I felt truly cared for yet not intruded upon in this sensitive process. The transformation I experienced continues to have a positive impact on all areas of my life: leadership, family, friendships, and particularly in my approach to life's questions and challenges. I recommend Deborah without hesitation".

Tessa Denham, charity sector CEO

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