Who I work with

I work with people from all backgrounds and with the whole spectrum of life's pains and struggles. Sometimes it is something in particular like death, divorce, depression, anxiety attacks or addiction that make us feel as though we need therapy. Very often it can be an accumulation of several things. Whoever you are and whatever your position very often we just need a safe, loving and accepting environment where we can say whatever we like without the fear of judgement and reprisal. Therapy encourages the freedom of being in our own truth, whatever version of it is there that day.
I work with adults, young adults and adolescents.

Why you might come

Psychotherapy and counselling have been increasing in popularity for quite some times and are now seen as an accepted method of self care. It is no longer only used when life is overwhelming and for many it is a place to spend time for ourselves, where we can reconnect with our hopes, our fears and our Self.

Many people seek outside help when there is a crisis or things become really unmanageable and it may be one or several of the following issues that make you feel as though therapy is the next step:

What you might gain

Just as each client has a different reason for coming, each client has a different result. One thing that most people will have in common after therapy is increased self awareness and an enhanced knowledge of who they are and what they need in life. It is this which gives people the freedom to move on, to let go or do whatever it is that is needed to live life more fully and in a more integrated way.

Here are a few common results of therapy:

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